While the COVID 19 pandemic has caused disruption to the normal operations of the U.S. healthcare system, Alternatives for Life Treatment & Recovery remains firm in its commitment to treat those struggling with opioid addiction.  ALTR is a provider of essential services and remains open for business. ALTR is actively serving its current patients and is able to accept new patients with addiction. In accordance with Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance, we have implemented safety procedures to prevent the spread of COVID at our facility.

At ALTR, we recognize that at times of uncertainty and crisis, symptoms of addiction can become more pronounced. The threat of spread of COVID 19 and potential for death from this infection can certainly result in increased feelings of fear, anxiety, and depression in anyone.  However, for those suffering from opioid addiction, these feelings are heightened and may result in increased use of opiates leading to dangerous and deadly consequences.

Overdose and death are true risks that continue during this pandemic. First responders and emergency room resources are being stretched due to COVID 19 and emergency response time to overdose calls for help may take longer and may prove to be too late.  Overdose deaths increased in recent years due to the addition of fentanyl to the heroin supply.  Just one hit of heroin can be deadly.  According to the National Institute of Health, 128 people died of opioid overdose every day in 2018.  Jackson and the surrounding areas are not immune from this crisis and also reported an uptick in overdose related deaths.  However, those struggling with heroin and other opiate dependence can overcome this disease and live a healthy life of recovery.

If you or a loved one are struggling with pain pill, heroin, or other opiate dependence, call us for a free assessment.  Don’t wait to feel better.  We are ready to help!

For your safety, precautionary screenings for infection have been and are continuing to be conducted on all persons (patients and employees) entering ALTR’s clinic and strict measures are in place to ensure proper distancing. As always, ALTR’s staff remains committed to preserving a clean facility and is disinfecting surfaces between patients.  While COVID 19 remains a threat, ALTR will continue to practice these enhanced safeguards to protect all who enter its facility.

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