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Methadone Treatment in Jackson MS

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Methadone Treatment in Jackson MS

Our Methadone Addiction Program is when Methadone, a pain medication, is used to treat an addiction to opioids. This treatment helps patients cope with withdrawal symptoms. Methadone is an effective treatment for heroin addiction and is also used to treat opioid dependence. Although Methadone can effectively treat opiate addiction, this can also be abused and can cause addiction in itself. This being the case, it is necessary to work with our addiction specialists to deal with any dependence issues.

Free Yourself from Methadone Addiction

If you have become drug dependent, quitting can be challenging for you. When you are addicted to Methadone, it is easy to forget that there was a time when you don’t need it, and you did not depend on it. If you are ready to begin the fight against your addiction, our Methadone Addiction Program at MS Jackson is here to help you overcome your situation. Our Methadone Addiction Programs are tailored to your specific needs giving you the best chance of recovery.

 The Methadone Withdrawal You Need

The long-acting nature of Methadone means that it can remain in the user’s body for a long time. Often people end up taking more Methadone than they should while trying to recreate that initial high.

Withdrawal symptoms from Methadone use can be as intense as with heroin use. Methadone and heroin are both opiates. They have the same effects of withdrawal on the body, such as vomiting, nausea, and muscle cramps. Buprenorphine can help ease some of the physical symptoms and make it easier to detox from Methadone initially. 

If you are prescribed Methadone for MAT, we would slowly taper your dose down until it is just around 40mg. The dosage will be reduced by 10-20mg every few days until it reaches 2mg. This process provides the easiest way to eliminate dependence on opioids by slowly reducing the dose you are taking. The physician will then add Naltrexone to make the withdrawal more comfortable for you. If someone is misusing Methadone, precisely because they are addicted to something else, the physician will continue with the tapering process. We also recommend combining Naltrexone with Buprenorphine in the treatment process. 

Anyone attempting to withdraw from opioids should only do so under the supervision of a physician for safety reasons. Comfort medications are often prescribed to assist with relieving additional withdrawal symptoms. Some examples of comfort medications include Pepto-Bismol, Buspar, and Clonidine.

Your First Step to Recovery

If you are ready to be free from drug dependence and get off Methadone, see our counselor at our Methadone Addiction Program center in Jackson. It is essential to understand what stage of addiction you are at and how to apply treatments that will work for you. We will evaluate what kind of treatment you need based on your assessment.

After a full screening, a customized withdrawal plan will be created to implement the proper treatment for you. We can recommend an inpatient or outpatient treatment, depending on your needs. 

Life After Rehab

After the treatment stage, we often recommend an aftercare program to keep you on the right path. The After Care Program provides healthy living, therapeutic support, life skills, and relapse prevention techniques that you can use to help you over the long term.

When you complete the aftercare program, you can also stay connected to other people in recovery for additional support and adapting to the new chapter of your life.

Treatment Center Choice of Mississippi

If you are struggling with a methadone addiction, Alternatives For Life can help you overcome addiction and start living. Do you or a loved one have a methadone problem? Learn about our treatment options today.

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